First Challenge to Flower Talk

Hello, flower enthusiasts and bilingual (or soon to be bilingual!) conversationalists of the blog-verse. I appreciate the interest in reading and/or participating. I am excited to see what we can come up with – a catalog of beautiful photos with beautiful words beneath them that pay homage to our beautiful world of nature. This challenge will serve as a test-run, but also, an ice-breaker. Yes, in my classroom we will begin day one with introductions (but we’re not in school, and you get to blog it). Ever say the wrong thing on a first day of class? Here’s your chance for redemption.

Take a look at my rules post, I’m kind of picky about rules. However, I want to clarify a few things in a simple list – so that none are lost. Here goes.

Don’t comment on this post unless you mean to enter the challenge. Comment your questions for clarification on the rules post, my disclaimer, or in an e-mail.

Content Rules

  • Identification (or lack thereof). Do it in the title, wherever you want. Just don’t invent a plant species.
  • A title that uses a “talking” or “speaking” word. See my examples.
  • At least one photo (amateur only, please. That means take it on a phone or submit something that is not for sale or private use).
  • Use a different language – at least two words. You don’t have to write a story entirely in Spanish. Spanish is not even required.
  • Translate your words (or entire post, depending on your ambition) how you want. Include a list, key, parentheses, etc. Use Google translator, for all I care. Just keep in mind that Google translator does not always match agreement or subject (Google makes lots of errors).
  • A narrative, or really, any genre that you like to write. I really want somethin’ scary, a poem, some cool flash fiction, or whatever showcases your artistry.

Response Post Rules

  • A link to me. Link to Invent a Place, or link to the rules post in your response post. You don’t owe me any poetic words, I just want a trail back to me.
  • Use the tag #flowertalk on the WordPress Reader. I know #’s are a Twitter thing, but I’m not really on there yet. I just like tags because I don’t use ping/trackbacks (so don’t send me any! Nothing will happen…).
  • Comment on this post to enter this challenge. I gotta see the votes to count ’em and this will keep everyone/everything together. You can link to your post in the comments but try not to do so spam-ily (new adverb, yes!). The comment with the highest number of likes wins. Please view your peers’ posts before liking their comments on this post (no matter how witty they may be). A liked comment on this post is a vote for a contestant’s response post, or challenge entry. Make sense? (I think it does to me, too, now).
  • Do all three of the above to be considered for a re-blog, profile, guest-post, collab, whatever the prize ends up being. Which, for this challenge, will most likely be a re-blog. (You big bloggers don’t need this, but I want y’all to have a little fun, too. So enter!) Also, the re-blog will not be of your challenge entry (unless you want it to be). I will re-blog a post of your choosing, which you can tell me when I’ve notified you of your win.

A winning blogger will see their re-blog on My Community, and also on the tag #inventmyplace in the Reader. I will try to comment on your blog (somewhere) with the notification (because you won’t get a pingback from me).

Please vote, followers of bloggers. Voting is what keeps communities alive. Voters don’t have to post, and posters should not vote. Let’s keep the bias to a minimum. 😉

Now, the challenge

  • Since summer is coming to a close, and there are only two weeks left of August, this month will only have one sub-set: Adiós Agosto, Hola Amigos Nuevos. Good-bye August, Hello New Friends. We are stickin’ with the back-to-school, ice-breaker on the first day of class thing. It all kind of flows, doesn’t it?
  • So, for this challenge, within the above-mentioned sub-set, you are to meet a new friend in a flower, tree, leaf, shrub, vegetable, or fruit. Hopefully, your fellow competitors become your new friends.

That’s It

  • So, take a pic, make your post, tag and link me, and wait to see who wins. Don’t forget to comment here, and don’t forget to vote. Most importantly, have fun, and take a big, deep breath of fresh air and sunshine (hopefully. I don’t know where you’re at).
  • To be slick, and spend less time researching words, pay attention to my translations and use them. Next week, you will already have a few new words to use, because you learned them in the context that you provided in your post.
  • New challenges will go up on Sunday, so that you’ve got the week to do it. Week-ends are for goin’ out and all that, so try to submit before all of your fun plans. Voting ends on Saturday 11:59 p.m. Central Time in the U.S.A. (times can be changed depending on audience). Winners, and new challenges will be posted on Sundays by whatever time I get ’em done.
  • Think I’m a little….serious about this? I try not to do anything half-assed, and who knows where this will take us? We create our atmosphere, so let’s make it a good one.